Colin Banks Staff Profile

Colin Banks Staff Profile

By Cody Elliot, Staff Writer

The passion is evident as soon as Colin Banks speaks.

The Waynesboro High graduate has witnessed firsthand the impact of giving back to the community. Now, he’s aiming to do the same.

Growing up in Waynesboro, he spent time at camps as a kid under longtime area referee and YMCA basketball director John Spears, now the head boys basketball coach at WHS who is highly regarded as one of the most influential people in the Augusta County/Waynesboro area on youth.

As Banks got older, he began working under Spears as a counselor at his annual summer youth basketball camps, eventually taking on a role as a referee, too.

Now, as the Sports Program Manager at Horizons Edge Sports Campus, the journey has come full circle.

“I’ve been working in athletics since the age of 14,” Banks said. “From my days back at the Waynesboro YMCA under [Spears] to now, I love that I can continue doing it in the Shenandoah Valley and Rockingham County and serve the community I grew up in.”

At Horizons Edge, Banks oversees many specific leagues and tournaments the venue holds throughout the year, ensuring all rules and regulations are followed while coordinating officials, clock operators, and more nightly requirements.

Throughout the year Banks has worked at Horizons Edge, the participation in the leagues — whether it be soccer, basketball, indoor baseball, pickleball, or others — has continued to grow in popularity around the area.

Banks can’t stay away during his free time either, as he officiates high school basketball — much like Spears used to — and coaches youth travel basketball teams at Horizons Edge while still suiting up at times.

“I’ve been an athlete my entire life, and have worked in athletics and the sports world basically my entire life,” Banks said. “My experiences range from coaching and officiating to administrative roles with the local YMCA and Parks and Rec Departments, and now here at Horizons Edge.”

Banks was a standout guard for the Little Giants boys basketball team during his high-school playing days under Hall of Fame head coach C. Jay DeWitt and went to Mary Baldwin University to study health sciences.

Recently, he transferred into Liberty University’s sports and recreation management program to bolster his resume as he continues to expand on his experiences to make himself best suited for continued growth.

For Banks, he has been destined to serve the local community through athletics since he was young.

Learning under Spears and seeing the impact it can have on the community influenced him at a young age.

Now, he’s hoping to do the same at Horizons Edge.

“It is what I am most passionate about,” Banks said. “I would do it for free if I had to.”