HLF Enrichment Program Spring Semester

Horizons Learning Foundation Enrichment Program

Sports Campus is proud to host another Horizons Learning Foundation Enrichment Program semester this spring

The students of today are our teachers, influencers, CEOs, and Presidents of the future…

However… our society’s future figures are struggling to succeed in their young academic career due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We all understand what a difficult task it must be for our brothers, sisters, children, and youth population to learn behind a screen. Much of our youth struggle due to other complications that are unrelated to online learning. On top of that, hands-on learning becomes virtually (no pun intended) non-existent with online learning. The Edge is doing its communal responsibility in providing a safe, clean environment for our HLF campers to continue learning and playing at the best of their ability!

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X 

With the city of Harrisonburg taking notice of Horizons Edge’s efforts to fight the spread and continue youth education efficiently, Harrisonburg plans to implement outdoor learning for all young brains.

Harrisonburg has begun safely experimenting with new methods of learning for our youth, including some of which Camp Horizons have implemented for our enrichment program at the Edge’s Sports Campus. While the city of Harrisonburg continues to perfect its methods going forward, Camp Horizons continues to provide open spots for families to sign up for the spring and the major summer program soon to come.

Spring Into Action!

For our youth, continuing to learn is crucial to their future academic endeavors. Diar Kaussler, director of business development at Camp Horizons, plans to focus on the youth’s reading and writing skills, as it is the root of future success in young students.

Read more about Harrisonburg’s offerings for our youth to continue their education safely here!

Find more information and register today about Camp Horizons at Horizons Edge here!

Email us with any questions or concerns you may have at info@horizonsedgeva.com.