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In an era where more and more folks are working from home or spending a majority of their day in an office chair in a cubicle, the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle is key. Hours upon hours at a desk each day, without any attempt to get up and do anything other than visit the restroom, is something that has unfortunately become a common sight. But it’s not necessarily health and it certainly puts your long-term health in jeopardy.

There are a number of serious conditions that can come from spending so much time in a sitting position, including a higher risk for obesity, diabetes and other medical issues. That’s why despite whatever job may require you to sit at a desk, staying active is key. Whether it’s a quick walk or unique ways to work productively, here are five tips to stay healthy and active while working at a job in which you sit at a desk throughout the day:

1. Keep Spine As Straight As Possible, Take Breaks To Stretch.

Maintaining good posture is incredibly important to your long-term health, but it can admittedly be tough when spending so many consecutive hours in a desk chair.

That’s why it is important to take breaks to stretch the body, expand different muscles and let loose throughout the day to avoid the body becoming too stiff and uncomfortable.

There are a large number of various stretching routines one can use, so find one that works best for you and your physical needs and try to incorporate it into your daily schedule.

Consistently participating in such activities will go a long way in maintaining your health.

2. Take Time For Face-To-Face Visits Often Throughout Day.

One of the easiest activities you can do to get some activity is avoiding online meetings.

If a co-worker or supervisor wants to meet with you, aim to see them in person and make trips around the office for conversations rather than communicating through email.

Naturally, a lot of communication nowadays comes from online platforms and it is certainly useful in a lot of ways and a valuable tool, but face-to-face visits still go a long way.

Not only will this activity enhance your physical activity each day, but it will also help you establish more connections and have productive conversations in the workplace.

3. Consider An Exercise Ball To Replace A Chair.

It may sound silly and even look uncomfortable, but an exercise ball is a valuable tool.

If sitting is a requirement and something you simply can’t avoid doing for most of your day, using an exercise ball will keep your muscles active and force you to maintain good posture.

On top of that, use of the exercise ball consistently can help strengthen your abdomen muscles and will go a long way in building more flexibility and core strength.

Despite how unusual the thought of sitting on an exercise ball while taking office meetings may sound, it’s one that could be extremely beneficial to how you look and feel.

4. Go For Extended Walks During Lunch Breaks.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to avoid long periods of sitting down is easy.

Getting up and taking a quick walk around the office and going for extended strolls on your lunch break each day can help burn some calories while also ramping up the heartbeat.

Every hour or so, try to take a quick walk around the office to a restroom, a water fountain, a co-worker’s desk or anything that will help you get up and move for a few moments.

Doing so consistently will go a long way in avoiding the struggles of staying seated.

5. Consider Alternate Commutes To The Office

While certainly not possible for everyone, alternate commutes to the office are fun.

If you live close enough to where you work, consider walking or biking at times.

Even if working from home, consider walking up and down your house stairs or taking laps around the hallways each morning before getting your work day started with a bang.

Getting the day started with activity will not only be good for your physical health, but will get the blood flowing and the creative juices flowing for the mental aspect of your work day.

Written By: Cody Elliot, Staff Writer