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Venue Policies

Campus rules are established and enforced to help ensure guest safety while participating in activities at Horizons Edge Sports Campus. All visitors to Horizons Edge Sports Campus are responsible for adhearing to the overall venue Code of Conduct.

Notification of Photo and Video Recording

Video recording or picture taking may be in progress during any visit to Horizons Edge Sports Campus. Your presence at the facility acnowledges your permission to take photos and/or videos and use this content for promotion, advertising, and marketing purposes onn television, online, on social media, or elsewhere. You hereby waive all residual rights or claims, monetary or otherwise, that might arise because of any additional use of the above-described material at any future date.

No Smoking, Chewing Tobacco, E-Cigarettes/Vaping, Drugs

The health and wellness of our guests and athletes is our main priority at Horizons Edge Sports Campus.  As such, The Edge is a smoke/vaping/drug-free venue.

No Outside Food or Drink, Tailgating, or Glass Containers

Food and drinks are available at the indoor Cafe, and the various vending machines located throughout The Edge. Tailgating is not permitted; this includes, but is not limited to, tents, coolers, umbrellas, and tables. Glass containers are not permitted on site.

No Firearms/Weapons

No weapons of any kind are permitted at Horizons Edge Sports Campus

Parking Policies

Parking is permitted only in areas marked as parking spaces.  Vehicles illegally parked will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Handicap parking spaces are reserved only for vehicles that have proper handicap identification. All other vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Sneakers, and turf shoes, are acceptable for outdoor fields and the indoor facility.  Horizons Edge Sports Campus does not permit heeled shoes or metal studded cleats on turf fields.  Cleats are not permitted on the concrete floors.

No Animals

No animals, with the exception of service animals, are permitted on site.

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Horizons Edge Sports Campus is a one-stop destination for sports, events, banquets, meetings, tradeshows, parties, overnight camps, and much more. The field house is approximately 90,000 sq. ft. and includes 4-basketball courts, 6-volleyball courts, a 200 by 100 feet multipurpose/indoor soccer field, and a family entertainment center. Outdoor facilities include a regulation size multipurpose/soccer lighted artificial turf field. Horizons Edge harnesses the power of sports to change lives, empower people, and use competition to bring out the best in all of us while creating lifelong memories. Find your way to The Edge!

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