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Hours of Operation

Open Play Hours (10/2-10/9)

Please note that listed hours are subject to change due to facility updates, rentals, and other program changes, with or without notice. Please call our main phone line (540.340.3343) and follow the automated prompts to hear each day’s updated open play to confirm availability. 

Basketballs, soccer balls, pickleball paddles/balls, and volleyballs are all available to be borrowed to use during Open Play. Pinnies are available for pick up games as well. 

Open Play: $10/Day (Daylight Rate: $8 for check-in Monday-Friday prior to 2pm)

Monday – 3pm-7pm
Tuesday – 3pm-7pm
Wednesday – 3pm-7pm
Thursday – 3pm-7pm
Friday – 3pm-7pm (private rental 6pm-7pm)
Saturday – 10am-6pm (private rentals 1:30pm-2:30pm, 4-5pm)
Sunday – By Rental Only
Pickleball Hours
Monday – 10am-2pm
Tuesday – 10am-5:30pm
Wednesday – 10am-6:30pm
Thursday – None
Friday – 10am-7pm
Saturday – 10am-7pm
Sunday – By Rental Only
Monday – 10am-2pm
Tuesday – 10am-5:30pm
Wednesday – 10am-4pm
Thursday – 10am-5pm
Friday – 10am-7pm
Saturday – 10am-4pm
Sunday – By Rental Only
Monday – 10am-5:30pm
Tuesday – 10am–5:30pm
Wednesday – 10am-5:30pm
Thursday – 10am-5:30pm
Friday – 10am-7pm
Saturday – 10am-4:30pm (Indoor)
Sunday – By Rental Only

*Please Note: All soccer open play is on the outdoor turf unless otherwise indicated during summer months.

Monday – 10am-2pm
Tuesday – 10am-3pm
Wednesday – 3:30pm
Thursday – None
Friday – None
Saturday – 10am-3:30pm
Sunday – By Rental Only
Fitness CENTER Hours
Monday – 10am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-8pm
Tuesday – 10am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-8pm
Wednesday – 10am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-8pm
Thursday – 10am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-8pm
Friday – 10am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-8pm
Saturday –  8:30am-7pm
Sunday – Closed

Facility Hours (9/25-10/1)

Operating hours for Horizons Edge Sports Campus are determined based on programming schedules and employee and facility availability, and are subject to vary as needed. Please confirm building hours below prior to heading to the Edge!

Office Hours
Monday – 10am-6pm
Tuesday – 10am-6pm
Wednesday – 10am-6pm
Thursday – 10am-6pm
Friday – 10am-6pm
Saturday – 10am-6pm
Sunday – Offices Closed
Monday – 10am – 10pm
Tuesday – 10am – 10pm
Wednesday – 10am – 10pm
Thursday – 10am – 10pm
Friday – 10am-8pm
Saturday – 10am-8pm
Sunday – By Rental Only